In 2020, a course was born.

Based on the feedback of hundreds of writers who decided that lockdown was the time to finally write that book, Dream to Draft helped them make it happen.

Throughout multiple runs, students finished first drafts of novels. Books they went on to revise and submit. Graduates have since published books, gotten agents, and seen their book dreams take flight.

However, it’s long been my own dream to expand the reach of the course beyond those able to take an intensive course.

This Substack is how I will write the book version of the course Dream to Draft, with your help.

When you subscribe, you’ll get a post each time I write a section of the book, allowing you to participate in the course in real time, for a fraction of the original price of the intensive.

Plus, asking questions along the way by posting in the comments will help make the book better for everyone.

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One of the highest-rated aspects of the Dream to Draft course was being part of a community of writers. By producing the book on Substack, you’ll still get that benefit.

In addition, if you opt for the Founder levels, you’ll get a physical copy of the finished book as well as a thank you in the acknowledgements.

Your Guide

I’m Caroline Donahue, writer, writing coach, host of The Secret Library podcast, and creator of Dream to Draft. For the past twenty years, I’ve combined my Masters in Psychology and Expressive Arts with my experience in writing, books, and publishing to make an ongoing study of the writing process.

I’ve used my methods to support private clients, students in courses, and myself as I’ve written novels and nonfiction.

Join me for this latest writing adventure as we take this course From Dream to Draft.

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How to turn your idea into a novel draft in 13 weeks. The popular course becomes a book week by week. Read along and write your book, too.


Caroline Donahue

Writer, writing teacher and host of The Secret Library Podcast. American living in Berlin with three cats and an equally book-addicted husband. Writes mystery under the pen name M.C. Williams.